A bit about me and why I am geneablogging:

My 2nd great grandmother, Mary Jane (Boroff) Cross moved to the Northwest corner of Iowa with her 5 sons after the death of her husband, Basil Noah Cross in 1885.  Of the five boys, my great grandfather, Henry Cross, stayed in Clay County, Iowa where I was born and raised on a farm just a few miles from where he lived so many years ago.

I have always loved history and I was raised with a keen sense of who my immediate family was from Grandpa Henry to present.  But I wanted to know who came before, so a little over 30 years ago I started researching my family tree.

In this blog I will share that journey and the interesting people I found a long the way, from the Midwest back to Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and finally England on my father's side.  On my mother's side the concentration is Texas, Kentucky, and North Carolina where a Texas Ranger, a Baptist preacher, a chief of police from San Antonio and quite a few Confederates join the story.

I have recently started researching my grandchildren's paternal side which has taken me into totally new areas as my son-in-law descends from French Canadians.  So from time to time you learn of the Courchene family with their New England and Canadian roots.

I have a lot of questions still waiting to be answered and the research continues.  So come along with me, as I journey back into my past, one ancestor at a time.

Thank you.



  1. Valerie, this is an exciting idea. It's one thing to search out lists of family history. It's quite deeper to research & write stories. I'd love to hear about the sources you use along the way.

    1. Hi Pam,

      This is new for me, so we will learn together.

      Thank you so much for stopping by!